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Socialism (book) - Publication History - In English
... Socialism An Economic and Sociological Analysis ... London Jonathan Cape, 1936 OCLC 72357479 Socialism An Economic and Sociological Analysis ... Socialism An Economic and Sociological Analysis ...
Stephen A. Kent - Works
... “Mysticism, Quakerism, and Relative Deprivation A Sociological Reply to R.A ... “Slogan Chanters to Mantra Chanters A Mertonian Deviance Analysis of Conversion to the Religious Organizations of the Early 1970s,” Sociological Analysis 49 no ... Fixed Price Policy Max Weber and Beyond,” Sociological Inquiry 53 no.1 (February, 1983) 16-32 Revised Reprint in Time, Place, and Circumstance Neo-Weberian Essays in Religion, Culture, and Society ...
Jehovah's Witnesses - Sociological Analysis
... See also Sociological classifications of religious movements Sociologist James A ... and perhaps even the exclusion of all other interests." A sociological comparative study by the Pew Research Center found that Jehovah's Witnesses in the United States ranked highest in statistics for ...

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    Whatever else American thinkers do, they psychologize, often brilliantly. The trouble is that psychology only takes us so far. The new interest in families has its merits, but it will have done us all a disservice if it turns us away from public issues to private matters. A vision of things that has no room for the inner life is bankrupt, but a psychology without social analysis or politics is both powerless and very lonely.
    Joseph Featherstone (20th century)

    Art is a concrete and personal and rather childish thing after all—no matter what people do to graft it into science and make it sociological and psychological; it is no good at all unless it is let alone to be itself—a game of make-believe, or re-production, very exciting and delightful to people who have an ear for it or an eye for it.
    Willa Cather (1873–1947)