Snare may refer to:

  • Snare trap, a kind of trap used for capturing animals
  • Snare drum
    • Snare (percussion), the rattles that give a snare drum its name and distinctive tone
    • Snare drum technique
  • SNARE (protein), a family of proteins involved in vesicle fusion
  • The Snares, a group of islands approximately 200 kilometres south of New Zealand
  • Snares Penguin, a bird indigenous to the islands
  • Snare, a science fiction novel by Katharine Kerr
  • Snare device, a surgical device
    • Snare technique (surgery), a technique used for surgical extraction and cauterization
  • Snare, a Transformers (fiction) character
  • C. J. Snare, a rock and roll singer
  • Todd Snare, a drummer
  • Snare (software), a group of open-source agents, and a commercial server, used to collect audit log data from a variety of operating systems and applications

Other articles related to "snare":

Snare (software) - Distribution
... Snare has been described as the 'De Facto standard for Windows event retrieval', and because of its deep roots in the open source movement, coupled with available commercial support options, is used ... that produce audit server software that competes with the Snare Server software, such as Cisco, Sensage, and LogLogic, all use and recommend the Snare agents to their customers ...
Snare (software) - Design
... The Snare agents have been designed to collect audit log data from a host system, and push the data as quickly as possible, to a central server (or servers), for archive ... The central server can be either a syslog server, a Snare Server appliance, or a custom application ... Snare agents are also able to push logs over a unidirectional network in order to facilitate log transfer from networks of low classification to networks of higher classification ...
Snare (software)
... Snare (sometimes also written as SNARE, an acronym for System iNtrusion Analysis and Reporting Environment) is a group of open-source agents, and a commercial server, used to collect audit log data from a variety of ... Snare is currently used by hundreds of thousands of individuals and organisations worldwide ...
She Drives Me Crazy
... The unique snare drum "pop" sound was created by recording the snare drum portion separately ... A speaker was then placed on top of the snare drum, and a microphone below ... The original recording of the snare drum part was played back through the speaker and re-recorded ...

Famous quotes containing the word snare:

    I would have these good people to recollect, that the laws of this country hold out to foreigners an offer of all that liberty of the press which Americans enjoy, and that, if this liberty be abridged, by whatever means it may be done, the laws and the constitution, and all together, is a mere cheat; a snare to catch the credulous and enthusiastic of every other nation; a downright imposition on the world.
    William Cobbett (1762–1835)

    It is a snare for one to say rashly, “It is holy,” and begin to reflect only after making a vow.
    Bible: Hebrew, Proverbs 20:25.

    A snare is Love,
    a shame,
    who are maimed with Love,
    totter and falter and stare,
    lost in a world
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)