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William B. Davis - Filmography
... Zone Ambulance Driver 1984 SCTV Channel Man on the phone TV series - Half Wits Save the World Parade 1985 The Cuckoo Bird Ted TV Movie Head Office University ... - "Do not go Gently" The Limbic Region Teacher TV movie 1998 The X-Files Game The Smoking Man Video Game The Last Tzaddik Mr ... Drazien short The X-Files The Smoking Man Voyage of Terror Dr ...
The X-Files - Cast and Characters
... The Smoking Man (seasons 1–7, 9, recurring) – is portrayed by William B ... The Smoking Man is the main villain of the show ... In the episode "Requiem", The Smoking Man is believed to be killed after being pushed down a flight of stairs by Alex Krycek until the series finale "The Truth", where Mulder and Scully travel through remote New ...
The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati - Themes
... Donaldson notes that The Smoking Man's advice to Mulder to save himself echoes the bystanders who told Jesus to save himself from the cross ... Mulder is similarly challenged when he is enticed by The Smoking Man and overcomes temptation by giving up his dream life and embracing his destiny ... The episode also explores the moral side of The Smoking Man and his affinity for evil ...
En Ami
... reviews from critics, althoug elements of the script, as well as The Smoking Man's (William B ... Eager, if wary, to learn of the truth behind his secrets, Scully agrees to travel with the The Smoking Man to get the cure to all mankind’s diseases ... the Shakespeare play Richard III, wanted to write a story wherein The Smoking Man was able to lure Scully in by enticing her with medical knowledge ...
The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati - Production - Casting and Filming
... Hardin had last appeared in the fourth season episode "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man" during a flashback sequence, and Toolan's most recent role was in the second installment of the sixth ... me the episode was terrific to play because they ended up making the Cigarette Smoking Man somewhat tougher ... The scene in which The Smoking Man opens a window, revealing an alien armageddon, used a special set and a matte painting background ...

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    Those who profess contempt for men, and put them on a level with beasts, yet wish to be admired and believed by men, and contradict themselves by their own feelings—their nature, which is stronger than all, convincing them of the greatness of man more forcibly than reason convinces them of his baseness.
    Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)

    What a vast traffic is drove, what a variety of labour is performed in the world to the maintenance of thousands of families that altogether depend on two silly if not odious customs; the taking of snuff and smoking of tobacco; both of which it is certain do infinitely more hurt than good to those that are addicted to them!
    Bernard Mandeville (1670–1733)