SMK St. Francis Convent (M), Kota Kinabalu - School Anthem

School Anthem

English Version
St. Francis our school most dear,
May it prosper and advance
Towards ever greater heights and greater glory,
Its fame spread all around.

Let us keep its honour bright,
Untainted may it shine,
Together we will always help,
To lend a helping hand,
Our motto we'll uphold.

Ever faithful ever true we’ll be to you,
Our Convent school,
In this lovely land below the wind,
We may be near we may be far,
But in our hearts, there'll always be
The true spirit of a Franciscan.

Malay Version
Kami warga St Francis,
Menjunjung taat setia,
Jujur dan berdisiplin
di sekolah yang tercinta.
Mari kita menuju teraju kejayaan,
Bersama kita mengharumkan,
Nama sekolah menengah,
St. Francis Konven.

Temanya berdedikasi,cintai,
Dan berbakti untuk,
Negara dan juga negeri,
Temanya berdedikasi, cintai
Dan berbakti untuk berjaya
St. Francis Konven.

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