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Eukaryotes have at least six SMC proteins in individual organisms, and they form three distinct heterodimers with specialized functions:

  • A pair of SMC1 and SMC3 constitutes the core subunits of the cohesin complexes involved in sister chromatid cohesion.
  • Likewise, a pair of SMC2 and SMC4 acts as the core of the condensin complexes implicated in chromosome condensation.
  • A dimer composed of SMC5 and SMC6 functions as part of a yet-to-be-named octameric complex implicated in DNA repair and checkpoint responses.

Each complex contains a distinct set of non-SMC regulatory subunits.

Some organisms have variants of SMC proteins. For instance, mammals have a meiosis-specific variant of SMC1, known as SMC1β. The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans has an SMC4-variant that has a specialized role in dosage compensation.

subfamily complex S. cerevisiae S. pombe C. elegans D. melanogaster vertebrates
SMC1α cohesin Smc1 Psm1 SMC-1 DmSmc1 SMC1α
SMC1β cohesin (meiotic) - - - - SMC1β
SMC2 condensin Smc2 Cut14 MIX-1 DmSmc2 CAP-E
SMC3 cohesin Smc3 Psm3 SMC-3 DmSmc3 SMC3
SMC4 condensin Smc4 Cut3 SMC-4 DmSmc4 CAP-C
SMC4 variant dosage compensation complex - - DPY-27 - -
SMC5 SMC5-6 Smc5 Smc5 C27A2.1 CG32438 SMC5
SMC6 SMC5-6 Smc6 Smc6/Rad18 C23H4.6, F54D5.14 CG5524 SMC6

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