SMAD may refer to:

  • Sowjetische Militäradministration in Deutschland
  • SMAD (protein) – proteins involved in cell signaling
    • R-SMAD – receptor regulated SMAD proteins
    • I-SMAD – inhibitory SMAD proteins
  • SMAD – a house DJ based in New England.
  • SMAD - solvated metal atom dispersion, a method to synthezise very small metal nanoparticles

Other articles related to "smad, smads":

SKI Protein - Function
... Signaling is regulated by a family of proteins called the Smad proteins ... the CPB protein compete for binding with the Smad proteins, specifically competing with the Smad-3 and CReB-binding protein interactions ... SKI also directly interacts with the R-SmadSmad-4 complex, which directly represses normal transcription of the TGF-β responsive genes, inactivating the cell’s ability to stop growth and division ...
Mothers Against Decapentaplegic Homolog 7 - Role in Cancer
... TGF-β is one of the important growth factor in pancreatic cancer ... By controlling the TGF-β pathway, smad7 is believed to be related to this disease ...
Mothers Against Decapentaplegic Homolog 9
... It belongs to the SMAD family of proteins, which belong to the TGFβ superfamily of modulators. 1 receptor kinase) it causes SMAD9 to interact with SMAD anchor for receptor activation (SARA).The binding of ligands causes the phosphorylation of the SMAD9 protein and the ... SMAD9 is a receptor regulated SMAD (R-SMAD) and is activated by bone morphogenetic protein type 1 receptor kinase ...
SMAD (protein) - Classes
... There are three classes of SMAD The receptor-regulated Smads (R-SMAD) which include SMAD1, SMAD2, SMAD3, SMAD5 and SMAD8/9 The common-mediator Smad (co-SMAD) which includes only SMAD4, which interacts ...