Sly Sludge

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List Of Captain Planet Episodes - Captain Planet and The Planeteers - Season One (1990–1991)
... Old Indian Man 10 "Volcano's Wrath" November 17, 1990 Sly Sludge, who claims to have solved the world's problems of waste management by inventing a shrink ray that reduces ... However, Sludge is secretly only dumping the garbage into a volcano on Laipuno Island ... A World Below Us" January 26, 1991 After Gi is rescued from Sly Sludge's mechanical octopus, she is taken to a secret underwater city known as Oceanus, which is being threatened by Sludge's illegal toxic ...
Captain Planet And The Planeteers - Characters - Eco-Villains
... henchmen in the final season of "The New Adventures of Captain Planet." Sly Sludge (voiced by Martin Sheen in 1990–1992, Jim Cummings in 1993–1995 ... Ooze (voiced by Cam Clarke) – Sly Sludge's sidekick ... Tank Flusher III (voiced by Frank Welker) – Sly Sludge's strongman servant who makes his debut in "The New Adventures of Captain Planet" episode "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to ...
List Of Captain Planet Episodes - Captain Planet and The Planeteers - Season Two (1991–1992)
28 "The Garbage Strikes" September 21, 1991 To make fast cash from a trash strike, Sly Sludge steals an untested microbe from Gi's scientist idol, Dr ... in his restaurant, The Sinking Ship 36 "An Inside Job" November 16, 1991 Sly Sludge and four of the Planeteers learn first hand the terrible effects of untreated ... who has united Hoggish Greedly, Looten Plunder, Sly Sludge, Duke Nukem, Verminous Skumm, and Dr ...

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