Slippy Toad

Slippy Toad (スリッピー・トード, Surippī Tōdo?) is a player character in the Star Fox series of video games published by Nintendo, debuting in the 1993 game Star Fox.

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List Of Star Fox Characters - Star Fox Team - Slippy Toad
... Slippy Toad (スリッピー・トード, Surippī Tōdo?) is a toad who is a longtime friend of Fox since their school days ... Slippy attended Cornerian Academy, specializing in engineering ... Slippy's father, Beltino Toad, serves as the director of Engineering at Space Dynamics Co ...
List Of Star Fox Cast Members - Voice Actors - English
... Duncan Botwood Andross Adventures Lyssa Browne Slippy Toad SF64 Katt Monroe Scott Burns Beltino Toad Assault Ben Cullum Falco Lombardi Adventures Henry Dardenne Peppy Hare Assault ...
Slippy Toad - Critical Reception
... Critical opinion of Slippy has been generally negative criticism has been leveled primarily at his voice ... An article from IGN calls Slippy "an annoying croaking pest", also noting his "high-pitched cries for help" ... noted the excessive use of voice acting in Star Fox 64, highlighting Slippy's voice as androgynous ...

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