SLF is a three-letter abbreviation with multiple meanings:

  • Superleague Formula, a motorsport racing series
  • Subscriber Location Function, an entity in IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
  • Seattle Liberation Front, a radical anti-Vietnam War organization
  • Shuttle Landing Facility, the primary landing site for the Space Shuttle
  • Stephen Lewis Foundation, a foundation helping with HIV/AIDS
  • Stiff Little Fingers, a Northern Irish punk band
  • Sun Life Financial, a leading international financial services company
  • Super low frequency, a region of the electromagnetic spectrum between 30 hertz and 300 hertz
  • Superior longitudinal fascicle, a part of the brain
  • Self-loading freight, a derogatory term for economy class passengers

Other articles related to "slf":

Brian Faloon
... Faloon stayed with SLF long enough to record their first album Inflammable Material, but decided the rock 'n' roll lifestyle wasn't for him, so left the ... In the nineties, Faloon occasionally performed as a guest drummer with the SLF tribute band Hanx who went on to become minor Punk band 'The Red Eyes' ...
Thomas Dennis Company LLC - Products
... SLF200-series (SLF230, SLF232, SLF235) - based on Dennis Dart SLF CL100 cutaway bus. ...
Subscriber Location Function
... The subscriber location function, or SLF is an entity within an IP multimedia subsystem that provides information about the home subscriber server (HSS) that is associated with a particular user ... I-CSCF and S-CSCF will communicate with SLF and find the appropriate HSS based on user profile ... CSCF communicates with the SLF using diameter Dx interface and the application server communicates with the SLF using Dh interface ...
... The separation of the client API from the logging backend reduces the coupling between an application and any particular logging framework ... This can make it easier to integrate with existing or third-party code or to deliver code into other projects that have already made a choice of logging backend ...