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Types of Halo Trickjumping
... is where a player uses their momentum to jump off of a slanted geometry to achieve even more momentum and speed ... The original ghost jump is where a player jumps up a slanted wall and achieves a second jump where the slanted wall and another piece of geometry meet ... where the player hits their head on a slanted part of the ceiling or wall, allowing them to jump another time while in mid-air ...
Slanted Records
... Slanted Records is a Contemporary Christian record label based in Brentwood, Tennessee ... As part of the larger Spring Hill Music Group, Slanted Records signs Contemporary Christian artists whose music may be described as progressive pop or modern rock ... Slanted Records was started in 2004 with three bands under the label initially ...
Decembe Radio - Discography
... independent) Noise (January 2005, independent) DecembeRadio (June 2006, Slanted) Satisfied (August 2008, Slanted) Live (March 2010, Slanted) ...
Patriarchal Cross - Other Variations
... in the Greek Church) the crossbar near the bottom is straight, or slanted upwards ... Slavic and other traditions, it came to be depicted as slanted, with the side to the viewer's left usually being higher ... Another tradition holds that the slanted bar represents the repentant thief and the unrepentant thief that were crucified with Christ, the one to Jesus' right ...
Slanted And Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe - Track Listing - Disc One "Slanted & Enchanted"
... Slanted Enchanted 1 ... "Summer Babe (Winter Version)" 2 ...

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    They all came, some wore sentiments
    Emblazoned on T-shirts, proclaiming the lateness
    Of the hour, and indeed the sun slanted its rays
    Through branches of Norfolk Island pine as though
    Politely clearing its throat....
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)