Skipper may refer to:

  • Skipper (boating), a person who has command of a vessel
  • Skipper (butterfly)
  • Sea Scouting (Boy Scouts of America), name given to Leader of a Scout Troop
  • Captain (association football), a team member chosen to be the on-pitch leader of the team: it is often one of the older or more experienced members of the squad, or a player that can heavily influence a game. The team captain is usually identified by the wearing of an armband
  • Captain (cricket), of a cricket team is the appointed leader, having several additional roles and responsibilities over and above those of a regular player
  • manager (baseball), an individual who is responsible for matters of team strategy on the field and team leadership
  • Skippers Aviation, an airline based in Osborne Park, a suburb of Perth
  • One who skips

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