Skiff Championships Regatta - Events and Course

Events and Course

The regatta is run under the rules of the Skiff Racing Association and there are five Championship events:

  • Gentlemen's Double Sculls for the Albany Challenge Cup
  • Gentlemen's Single Sculls for the Pulman Challenge Cup
  • Mixed Double Sculls for the Newman Challenge Cup
  • Ladies Double Sculls for the Ladies Double Challenge Cup
  • Ladies Single Sculls for the Beverley Challenge Cup

There is also a full regatta programme for all other status levels

The course is approximately 750 metres down stream, starting just downstream of Henley Bridge and finishing at the Remenham Club clubhouse, whence the regatta is organised. The Upper Thames Rowing Club facilities are also made available for the regatta.

Many former champions have been rowers in Great Britain Olympic and National teams including Penny Chuter who won 21 skiff championships and Elise Laverick.

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