Skew may refer to:

In mathematics:

  • Skew lines, lines that are neither parallel nor intersecting
  • Skew-symmetric matrix, a square matrix whose transpose is also its negative
  • Skew-Hermitian matrix, a complex square matrix whose conjugate transpose is also its negative
  • Infinite skew polyhedron, an extension of the concept of polyhedra
  • Skew-symmetric graph, a directed graph that is isomorphic to its own transpose graph
  • Skew polygon, a polygon whose vertices do not lie on a plane
  • Skew lattice, a non-commutative generalization of a lattice
  • Skew field or division ring, a (non-commutative) ring in which division is possible
  • Skew tableau, a generalization of Young tableau
  • The shear mapping, a particular type of linear transformation

In statistics:

  • Skewness, a measure of the asymmetry of a probability distribution
  • Skew normal distribution, a continuous probability distribution that generalises the normal distribution to allow for non-zero skewness

In chemistry

  • Skew (also synclinal or gauche), a torsion angle between 30° to 90° and –30° to –90°; see Alkane stereochemistry

In optics:

  • A skew ray, an optical path through a rotationally symmetric optical system that is not in a plane of symmetry

In engineering:

  • A skew arch, a method of construction that enables an arch bridge to span an obstacle at some angle other than a right angle

In finance:

  • Volatility skew, a downward-sloping volatility smile

In telecommunications:

  • Skew (fax), the angular deviation of the received frame from rectangularity
  • In parallel communication, the difference in arrival time of simultaneously transmitted bits
  • For data recorded on multichannel magnetic tape, the difference between reading times of bits recorded in a single transverse line. Skew is usually interpreted to mean the difference in reading times between bits recorded on the tracks at the extremities, or edges, of the tape.
  • Skew (antenna) a method to improve the horizontal radiation pattern

In computers:

  • Clock skew, a phenomenon in which the clock signal arrives at different components at different times.
  • In reference to computer disk drives, track-to-track skew is the angle between the start of the data on a given track and the start of the data on the next. This is important, as when reading the data in sequence from one track to the next, time must be allowed for the read/write head to move to the next track, during which the disk continues to rotate. Insufficient skew can force the drive to wait almost an entire revolution for the data to pass under the head again, resulting in extra revolutions per track to read the data. Excessive skew can also lower the sustained data transfer rate.
  • Transitive data skew

In aviate:

  • Skew flip turnover, an aircraft maneuver

In fantasy baseball:

  • SKEW, a strategy that focuses on high impact middle relievers that register a lot of strikeouts

Other articles related to "skew":

Primitive Skew Lattices
... Skew lattices consisting of exactly two D-classes are called primitive skew lattices ... Given such a skew lattice with -classes in, then for any and, the subsets Every primitive skew lattice factors as the fibred product of its maximal left and right- handed primitive images ... Right-handed primitive skew lattices are constructed as follows ...
History - The False Skew Arch
... For only slightly oblique bridges, where the skew angle is less than approximately 15° it is possible to use the same construction method, laying the stones in courses parallel to the abutments ... The result is known as a "false" skew arch and analysis of the forces within it shows that in each corner where the face forms an acute angle with an ... An example of such a false skew arch is the Colorado Street Bridge in Saint Paul, Minnesota ...
Skew-Hermitian Matrix
... In linear algebra, a square matrix with complex entries is said to be skew-Hermitian or antihermitian if its conjugate transpose is equal to its ... That is, the matrix A is skew-Hermitian if it satisfies the relation where denotes the conjugate transpose of a matrix ... Skew-Hermitian matrices can be understood as the complex versions of real skew-symmetric matrices, or as the matrix analogue of the purely imaginary numbers ...
Skew Arch - Construction
... Early skew arch bridges were painstakingly built from masonry blocks, each individually and expensively cut to its own unique shape, with no two edges either parallel or perpendicular ... of such construction is the famous Rainhill Skew Bridge, which was designed with a skew span of 54 feet (16 m), in order to give a clear span across the ... A contemporary skew bridge, built to carry the Haggerleazes branch of the Stockton and Darlington Railway over the River Gaunless in County Durham proved too difficult for the ...