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King's Quest - Characters of The King's Quest Series - Villains
... Hagatha An evil, cannibalistic witch and the sister of Manannan and Mordack ... Some have thought Lolotte is a sister of Genesta, Malicia and Titania, and related to Edgar, but this was not the case according to references in King's Quest VII, and the backstory notes printed in ... Her worst action was to kidnap Princess Alicia ...
List Of Warrior Nun Areala Characters - Minor Characters - Ota Yoma
... While Sister Shannon's birth parents are not mentioned, she is part of a Japanese family that was headed by an old Shinto priest or Onmyōji named Ota Yoma ... Yoma tells Shannon that during the war he met and fell in love with a Warrior Nun, Sister Alicia (a.k.a ... He confessed to Shannon that he and Sister Alicia stayed together at his house, disregarding their duties, and Sister Alicia her vow of chastity, until the atomic bombing of Hiroshima ...
List Of Warrior Nun Areala Characters - Minor Characters - Sister Alicia/Crimson Nun
... This led to Sister Alicia with a sincere hatred of all things German and negatively impacted her family life with her mother being unable to cope ... Alicia then raised herself and proved to be a stubborn, unyielding girl who went around picking fights with boys ... However, her true mission was revealed in 1936 by the original Sister Areala ...

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