Singleton may refer to

  • Singleton (mathematics), a set with exactly one element
  • Singleton (global governance), a single decision-maker at the highest level of the world order
  • Singleton pattern, a design pattern used in object-oriented programming to permit no more than one instance of a class
  • Singleton bound, used in coding theory
  • Singleton field, used in conformal field theory
  • Singleton, another name for the Catawba (grape)
  • Singleton variable, a variable in computer programming that is referred to only once
  • A character encoded with one unit in variable-width encoding schemes for computer character sets
  • A person that is not a twin or other multiple birth
  • Singleton (lifestyle), a self-description of individuals without romantic partners, particularly applied to women in their thirties introduced in the novel and film Bridget Jones's Diary
  • "Singleton", a short story by Greg Egan
  • An empty tag or self-closing tag in XHTML or XML coding
  • A single card in a suit, as part of a hand in contract bridge
  • In linguistics, a consonant that is not a geminate

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Famous quotes containing the word singleton:

    When the sword of rebellion is drawn, the sheath should be thrown away.
    quoted in letter, Aug. 6, 1775, by painter John Singleton Copley on the subject of the American Revolution. British proverb.