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Revolva - Six Gun
... refer to any six-chambered revolver, it is typically a reference to the Colt Single Action Army, or its modern look-alikes such as the Ruger Vaquero and Beretta ... Until the 1970s, when older-design revolvers such as Colt Single Action Armys and Ruger Blackhawks were re-engineered with drop safeties (such as firing pin ... Six guns are used commonly by Single-Action Shooting enthusiasts in shooting competitions, designed to mimic the gunfights of the Old West, and for general target shooting ...
Los Angeles Police Department - Resources - Service Weapons
... sources Before the early 1970s, LAPD officers were issued the six-shot double action/single action Smith Wesson Model 14.38 Special revolver ... officers were armed with the six-shot, double action/single action Smith Wesson Model 15 revolver, also known as the.38 "Combat Masterpiece" ... LAPD Model 15s were often modified by an armorer to fire double-action only, meaning officers could not cock the hammer ...
Sear (firearm)
... For example, a Ruger Blackhawk single action revolver contains one for releasing the hammer ... A Ruger Redhawk double/single action revolver contains two, one for single action release and the other for double action release ...
Browning BDM - Design
... the slide (actually only a flush inlaid disk with a bisecting groove), toggling between double-action/single-action(DA/SA) pistol mode, and the double-action-only (DAO) or "revolver" mode—though, of course ... model BRM (Browning Revolver Mode), or full-time double action/single action pistol mode, model BPM-D (Browning Pistol Mode Decocker) ... lever, which when operated always returns the pistol to the hammer down double-action setting for the BDM variant or to the pre-cocked setting for the BPM-D variant ...
Safety (firearms) - Typical Safeties - Decocker
... Most traditional double-action semi-automatic (DA/SA) pistols are designed to be carried with the hammer down (uncocked) on a chambered round, with or without a manual safety engaged ... The pistol is considered safe in this state as the "double-action" pull that both cocks and fires the firearm is both longer and heavier than the "single-action" pull that simply releases the ... However, the act of cycling the action on such a firearm (as a natural consequence of discharging the firearm, or to chamber the first round) will leave the hammer ...

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