Simone De Beauvoir Prize - Prize Committee - List of Committee Members

List of Committee Members

The committee members for 2009 award were, in alphabetical order, as follows:

  1. Elisabeth Badinter, author, professor of Philosophy
  2. Gerard Bonal, author
  3. Annie Ernaux, author
  4. Claire Etcherelli, author
  5. Elizabeth Fallaize, professor of French at Oxford University
  6. Madeleine Gobeil-Noel, former director of arts at UNESCO
  7. Michel Kail, publisher
  8. Liliane Kandel, sociologist
  9. Ayse Kiran, physician at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey
  10. Claude Lanzmann, filmmaker
  11. Bjorn Larsson, author
  12. Liliane Lazar, author, Simone de Beauvoir institute in the USA
  13. Annette Levy-Willard, journalist
  14. Anne-Marie Lizin, politician, former Belgian Senate president
  15. Kate Millett, American feminist
  16. Yvette Roudy, former women's rights minister in France
  17. Danièle Sallenave, author, Journalist
  18. Josyane Savigneau, journalist for Le Monde.
  19. Alice Schwarzer, German feminist
  20. Annie Sugier, president of the feminist association (association féministe)
  21. Linda Weil-Curiel, lawyer
  22. Anne Zelensky, president of the League of Women Law (la Ligue du Droit des femmes)

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