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United World Telecom - Services
... Virtual Calling Card The company offers international calling cards known as “Virtual Calling Cards.” Calling card customers are given a unique PIN (personal identification number) ... UWTMobile SIM Cards Mobile phone SIM cards for GSM cell phones ... SIM cards that can be inserted into GSM cell phones to allow the user to access GSM networks ...
... Pre-paid credit SIM cards Taliya is the first provider of pre-paid SIM cards in Iran ... receiving any invoice just by charging your Taliya SIM card as much as you desire ... Taliya pre-paid SIM card enables you to permanently control the cost of your cell phone without receiving any invoice ...
Attribution Of The 2008 Mumbai Attacks - Indian Collaborators - SIM Card Suppliers
... men were arrested in Kolkata on 6 December for illegally buying mobile phone cards used by the gunmen in the Mumbai attacks ... Tauseef Rahman allegedly bought SIM cards by providing fake documents, including identification cards of dead people, and sold them to Mukhtar Ahmed ... connection with selling of 22 cell phone Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards to the Mumbai attackers ...

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