Silver Staining

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Silver Stain - History
... Camillo Golgi perfected silver staining for the study of the nervous system ... Silver staining was introduced by Kerenyi and Gallyas as a sensitive procedure to detect trace amounts of proteins in gels ... Classical Coomassie Brilliant Blue staining can usually detect a 50 ng protein band silver staining increases the sensitivity typically 50 times ...
SDS-PAGE - Silver Staining
... In the 14th century the silver staining technique was developed for colouring the surface of glass ... The colour produced by the early silver stains ranged between light yellow and an orange-red ... Camillo Golgi perfected the silver staining for the study of the nervous system ...
Staining Dyes - In Vivo Vs In Vitro - Specific Techniques - Silver Staining
... Silver staining is the use of silver to stain histologic sections ... This kind of staining is important especially to show proteins (for example type III collagen) and DNA ... Silver staining is also used in temperature gradient gel electrophoresis ...

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