SID may refer to:

  • Amilcar Cabral International Airport, Sal Island, Cape Verde.
  • Saab Information Display in most Saab automobiles built since 1994
  • The Scientific Investigation Division of the Los Angeles Police Department
  • Security and Intelligence Division, Singapore's foreign intelligence service
  • Servizio Informazioni Difesa, Italian military secret service from 1965 to 1977 (replaced by the SISMI)
  • Sensory integration dysfunction
  • Služba za istrage i dokumentaciju
  • Frameworx Shared Information/Data Model
  • Society for Information Display, a professional society dedicated to the study of the physics and engineering of display devices
  • Society for International Development, a professional society for members of the international development community.
  • Sports information director, a position title similar to PR Director or Press Secretary, usually within University/School Systems athletic departments
  • Status-income disequilibrium, a political term
  • Standard Instrument Departure at airports, also referred to as "Departure Procedure" (DP)
  • Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance
  • Special Improvement District, commonly referred to as a "Business Improvement District"

In fiction:

  • Space Intruder Detector, an early-warning satellite in the British television series UFO

In music:

  • "Abuse of SID", a song by Hurt, from their second album Vol. II
  • SID (band), a Japanese rock band

In technology:

  • MOS Technology SID, the Sound Interface Device (built-in sound chip) used in the Commodore CBM-II, Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 home computers
  • Security Identifier, a unique alphanumeric character string assigned by a Windows Domain controller
  • Silence Insertion Descriptor, a special frame in VOIP audio codecs to enable comfort noise
  • A story identifier which uniquely identifies an article in Slash-based sites, such as Slashdot
  • Source to image-receptor distance, a measurement in clinical radiology describing the distance between a radiation source and the detector
  • Surface-induced dissociation, a method for fragmenting molecular ions in mass spectrometry
  • System Identification Number Identifies an Analog, TDMA or CDMA system
  • NGOSS Shared Information/Data Model, Definition of NGOSS’s common Information Model
  • Seamless Image Database (See MrSID)
  • Session ID
  • Service ID, used in Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)

In medicine:

  • SID (Latin: semel in die), meaning "once a day." Used only in veterinary medicine to distinguish it from Quaque die (QD) meaning "each day."
  • SID "Strong Ion Difference" according to Peter_A._Stewart

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