Sicily is an autonomous Italian island. The adjectival form
Sicilian can also refer to:

  • Sicilian language
  • Sicilian Baroque, baroque architecture in 17th & 18th centuries on Sicily
  • Sicilian cart, an ornate, colorful style of horse-drawn cart native to Sicily
  • Sicilian cuisine
  • Sicilian Defence, in chess
  • Sicilian derby, an annual football (soccer) match in Sicily
  • Sicilian Expedition, an abortive military filibuster from Athens in 415 BCE
  • Sicilian Fir, Abies nebrodensis, an evergreen tree native to northern Sicily
  • Sicilian octave, an Italian verse form consisting of eight lines of eleven syllables each
  • Sicilian people
  • Sicilian pizza, pizza with ingredients incorporated into the dough
  • Sicilian revolt, (44BCE - 36BCE)
  • Sicilian School, poetry (1230 - 1266)
  • Sicilian Stage, faunal stage in Europa (0.781-0.26 mya)
  • Sicilian Vespers, a rebellion in Sicily in 1282
  • Sicilian Wars, a series of wars between Carthage and Greeks (480 BCE - 307 BCE)
  • The Sicilian, a novel by Mario Puzo

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Sicilian Regional Election, 1951
... The Sicilian regional election of 1951 took place on 3 June 1951 to select the Second Sicilian Parliament ...
Silvio Milazzo - Sicilian Deputy
... was a landowner from Caltagirone and sat in the Sicilian regional parliament since 1947 for the Christian Democrat Party (DC) in the political current of Mario Scelba ... Outraged by this infringement on Sicilian autonomy and threat to Sicilian patronage, Milazzo became the gullible protagonist of Sicilian autonomy ...
Sicilian Film Festival
... The Sicilian Film Festival is a showcase of Sicilian directors and movies created in Miami in 2006 by Emanuele Viscuso ... This American display of the Sicilian cinematography underlines the Sicilian cinema, literature and also its links with the international Cinema ... that brought the existence and the importance of Sicilian cinema to the world stage by considering that Sicily is second in Italy after Rome in producing movies ...
Sicilian Regional Election, 1947
... The Sicilian regional election of 1947 took place on 20 April 1947 ... They were the first-ever election of the Sicilian Parliament ...