Shiba could refer to:

  • Shiba Inu, a breed of dog
  • Shiba, Tokyo, a former ward of Tokyo, Japan
  • Shiba Park in Tokyo
  • Ryotaro Shiba—author
  • Kūkaku Shiba, Ganju Shiba and Kaien Shiba—fictional characters in Bleach
  • Shiba clan—Japanese clan originating in the Sengoku period
Towns (石坝镇)
  • Shiba, Mingguang, in Mingguang, Anhui, PR China
  • Shiba, Boluo County, in Boluo County, Guangdong, PR China

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Simanga Shiba
... Simanga Shiba (born 5 December 1987) is an amateur boxer from Swaziland who won a Bronze at the Commonwealth Games 2006 at junior flyweight ... Shiba beat Cassius Chiyanika and Patrick Barnes but lost to eventual winner Japhet Uutoni in the Commonwealth semifinal ...
Sieges Of Kuromaru
... (黒丸), or Black Fortress, was a fortress of Kanrei Shiba Takatsune located in Japan's Echizen province (present-day Nittazuka, Fukui, Fukui Prefecture) ... Hosokawa Akiuji had been ordered by Ashikaga Takauji to aid Shiba Takatsune in the defense, and encountered Nitta's force a short distance from the fortress ... monastery, originally part of Nitta's force, were bribed by Shiba to abandon the attack, and Nitta's rush to fill the ensuing gap in his formations led to him and his horsemen running ...
The Shinkengers
... Based out of the Shiba House (志葉家, Shiba Ke?) that originated from Mount Tsunobue (角笛の山, Tsunobue no Yama?), the Shinkengers use the kanji-based power ... The Shiba House's manor is protected by a barrier of the Modikara "protect" (守, mamoru?), keeping the Shinkengers safe ... battle, the team announces their arrival by the first person (usually Takeru Shiba) saying their Shinkenger name and then full name, followed by each subsequent Shinkenger stating "The same ...
List Of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Episodes - Episodes - The Eighteenth Head of The Shiba House
44 "The Eighteenth Head of the Shiba House" "Shiba Ke Jūhachidaime Tōshu" (志葉家十八代目当主) Yasuko Kobayashi January 3, 2010 At the Shiba House, everyone ... his Otoshidama, he sees a strange Kuroko with a letter bearing the Shiba House crest ... Shitari summons the Ayakashi Yomotsugari to kill off the eigheenth head of the Shiba House, giving her the Onibidama bullets to fight Shinken Red's Fire Modikara ...