Shenzhen Tong

Shenzhen Tong (Chinese: 深圳通) is a contactless smartcard system used for electronic payments in public transportation and some other areas in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China. It was developed by Shenzhen Modern Computer, the provider of automatic fare collection systems to Shenzhen Metro, with cooperation from Octopus Cards Limited, the operator of Hong Kong's Octopus cards system. It was first adopted by minibuses in Shenzhen, until the new system was introduced by Shenzhen Metro.

Starting from January 18, 2006, Shenzhen Tong was gradually accepted by public buses to replace the old IC card system. Currently, nearly all single-fare routes operated by Shenzhen Bus Group and other private buses operators accept Shenzhen Tong cards.

Infineon Technologies announced it has won a contract to be the sole supplier of contactless microprocessor chips for Shenzhen Tong cards. Issuance unit volume of these cards is expected to exceed three million by the end of 2008.

Shenzhen Tong card can be purchased for RMB25 (Sale Version Card) or can be rented for RMB 0.50 per month (Rent Version Card). Shenzhen Tong Card and Hong Kong Octopus Card is expected to be interoperable in the near future.

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