Shao Piaoping - Influence On Literature

Influence On Literature

After Jingbao was relaunched in 1920, Shao focused on writing supplementary papers which contained many literary contents. Xiaojingbao (小京報) was the first of them. Later Shao cooperated with the famous universities in Beijing to publish more supplementary papers. In total there were more than 10 supplementary papers, including “Film Weekly”(戲劇周刊),”Women Weekly”(婦女周刊),””Human Arts Weekly”(民眾文藝周刊) ”Economics Bimonthly”(經濟半月刊) and “Social Science Bimonthly”(社會科學半月刊) etc. He even invited Lu Xun(魯迅) to write the famous paper, "Mang Yuan" (莽原) .The contents of these papers were of great diversity, varying from film review, art and culture to literature and so on. Freedom of speech in these supplementary papers was maintained and Shao claimed that the principles of these papers could be different from the one that Jingbao held based on their different nature. Inspired by Shao's efforts in expanding the coverage of newspaper to include literary contents, his students Zhang Youluan (張友鵉), Zhao Shaojun (周紹鈞) and Huang Jinqing (黃近青) established the "Xingxing Literature Society" (星星文學社) and published "Literature Weekly" (文學周刊).

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