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After the bloodshed between the Barakzai tribe and the Sadozai tribe ended in Afghanistan, some Sadozai royal families changed their names and perceived cast, and prudently migrated from Afghanistan to British Baluchistan. Among them, the son of Shahzada Kamran Durrani, Shahzada Sardar Bismillah Khan Durrani, migrated with his son Sardar Rasheed Khan Durrani and grandson Sardar Nidda Durrani (Aalijah) with family and personal guards to a small fort of an elder of the Kakar tribe in Kuchlak near British Quetta. They soon moved to Killi Gogi Ahmandoon near Ziarat, where Sardar Nidda Durrani (Aalijah) married into a notable family of the Kakar tribe and assumed a peaceful life. His grandfather was buried in Killi Ahmandoon. In December 1879, at the express invitation of Amir Mohammad Ayub Khan, Mohammadzai Sardar Rasheed Khan Durrani (1832–1880) and his son Sardar Nidda Durrani (Aalijah)(1855–1926) went to Afghanistan as part of Amir policy to unify the tribes through chiefs for Sovereignty as well as to bring peace, stability and rebuild Afghanistan. In July 1880 during the Second Anglo-Afghan War against the British Empire in the Battle of Maiwand Shahzad Rasheed Khan Durrani was martyred and buried in Afghanistan and his son Shahzada Aalijah Nidda Durrani, after staying in Afghanistan, came back to British India to live with his family. In 1907 Shahzada Aalijah Nidda Durrani and family, including his son, Mohammad Abdul Rahim Durrani, and young Grandson Sardar Abdul Habib Durrani, returned from Killi Ahmandoon Ziarat to the small village of Killi Katheer near Kuchlak and soonafter moved with his family to British Quetta for permanent settlement. Shahzada Aalijah Nidda Durrani died in Quetta, meanwhile the second and younger son of Mohammad Abdul Rahim Durrani, Abdul Majeed Khan Durrani went to Kalkata, India for business. After the death of Sardar Mohammad Abdul Rahim Khan Durrani, his first son Sardar Abdul Habib Khan Durrani took control of his business. Sardar Abdul Habib Khan Durrani was the father of Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan Saddozai Durrani (1919-1992), who was the father of Sardar Ahmad Khan Sadozai Durrani (Chairman) Saddozai Qomi Welfare Organization Balochistan, and of Noorullah Khan Durrani; Mr. Runner-Up Pakistan in all Pakistan Body Building contest 1967, and is now settled in Harran Norway, The famous mountaineer and caving legend of Pakistan Hayatullah Khan Durrani is his seventh son and Habibullah Khan Sadozai settled in United Kingdom is his eighth and last son. Further, Pakistan's Junior / senior Canoe and Kayak Champion; Mohammad Abubakar Durrani is his grandson. Mohammad Abubakar Durrani and has won Kayak Paddler of the year award in Pakistan since 2007. Abubakar Durrani is also a director and owner of Abdali Productions and his English language documentary film "The Great Adventurers", is very popular and is based on the true story of relief operations at Wam village, Ziarat District following the earthquake of 29 October 2008. He is a student of Computer Engineering in BUITEMS Balochistan.

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