• (adv): With respect to sexuality.
    Example: "Sexually ambiguous"
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Sexting and Relationships
... were more likely to have received a sexually suggestive image on their cell phone, and those that have unlimited text messaging plans are also more likely to receive sexually ... to engage in it 54% of a study sample had sent sexually explicit pictures or videos to their partners at least once, and 1/3 of their sample had engaged in such ... as an experimental phase for those who are yet to be sexually active, and for those who are hoping to start a relationship with someone ...
Sexually Transmitted Infections (journal)
... Sexually Transmitted Infections is a peer-reviewed medical journal covering the clinical, epidemiological, and laboratory aspects of sexual health, sexually transmitted diseases ...
Sexually Transmitted Disease
... Sexually transmitted diseases (STD), also referred to as sexually transmitted infections (STI) and venereal diseases (VD), are illnesses that have a significant probability of transmission ... mostly been referred to as STDs or VD, in recent years the term sexually transmitted infections (STIs) has been preferred, as it has a broader range of meaning a person may be ... Sexually transmitted infections have been well known for hundreds of years, and venereology is the branch of medicine that studies these diseases ...
List Of Sexually Active Popes
... This is a list of sexually active popes, list of priests who were sexually active before becoming pope and popes who were legally married, and who ... Some candidates were sexually active before their election as pope, and it has sometimes been claimed that other Popes were sexually active during their papacies ... there are various classifications for those who were sexually active at some time during their lives ...
Causes Of Sexual Violence - Individual Factors - Psychological Factors
... Sexually violent men have been shown to be more likely to consider victims responsible for the rape and are less knowledgeable about the impact of rape on victims ... sexual fantasies, and overall are more hostile towards women than are men who are not sexually violent ... In addition to these factors, sexually violent men are believed to differ from other men in terms of impulsivity and antisocial tendencies ...

More definitions of "sexually":

  • (adv): By sexual means.
    Example: "Reproduce sexually"