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Cerebral Palsy - Treatment - Interpersonal Therapy - Occupational Therapy
... Occupational therapists work closely with families in order to address their concerns and priorities for their child ... Parent counselling is also an important aspect of occupational therapy treatment with regard to optimizing the parent's skills in caring for and playing with their child to support improvement of their child's ...
HIV/AIDS In The United States - Disparities in Treatment
... and social class of an individual greatly determine his or her access to HIV/AIDs treatment ... of infection, Caucasian patients were more likely than African Americans to receive treatment, while the middle to upper classes were more likely to receive treatment than the poor ... strong efforts to remove obstacles that prevented equal access to HIV/AIDs treatment ...
River Dearne - Water Quality
... With no urban infrastructure, sewage polluted the river, as did the industrial discharges from the mines ... Again, sewage ended up in the river, as did the effluent from processing the wool, which included caustic washing agents and dyes ... They identified 44 small sewage treatment plants, none of which treated the sewage adequately, and noted that the river was "much polluted by domestic sewage and by untreated or partially treated trade refuse ...
Blackburn Meadows - Sewage Treatment Works - Improvements
... anoxic zones and diffuse air activated sludge treatment ... The outflow from the works, which passes under the River Don Navigation and joins the river beside Jordans weir, has in the past been a major contributor to the pollution ... The works was shut down on 25 June 2007, after the Don burst its banks, and the entire site was engulfed by several feet of water ...
River Rother, South Yorkshire - Water Quality
... villages which grew up around the mines often had little or no sewage treatment facilities, and hence sewage found its way into the river ... the river, and gave them three years to construct sewage treatment works ... coal was carbonised, from discharges from inefficient sewage treatment plants, and from the manufacture of chemicals ...

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    The treatment of the incident of the assault upon the sailors of the Baltimore is so conciliatory and friendly that I am of the opinion that there is a good prospect that the differences growing out of that serious affair can now be adjusted upon terms satisfactory to this Government by the usual methods and without special powers from Congress.
    Benjamin Harrison (1833–1901)