Seven Mass Media - Nine Unique Benefits of Mobile As A Media Channel

Nine Unique Benefits of Mobile As A Media Channel

Mobile offers eight benefits that cannot be replicated by the six legacy mass media. They are:

  • Mobile is the first personal mass media
  • Mobile is permanently carried
  • Mobile is always on
  • Mobile has a built-in payment mechanism
  • Mobile is available at the point of creative inspiration
  • Mobile has the most accurate audience measurement
  • Billboards can be seen and viewed by a big number of people everyday
  • Mobile captures the social context of media consumption
  • Mobile allows augmented reality to be used in media
  • Mobile offers a digital interface to the real world

Many may claim that the internet offers some of the benefits (personal, payment, audience accuracy and social context). The internet in its native form cannot handle money or payments, and requires alternative methods such as PayPal accounts and using credit cards. On mobile payments can be enabled on the click, such as with downloading ringing tones.

The internet promised full accuracy of users, but with firewalls, deleting cookies and false web identities, there is no accuracy of audience on the internet. On modern mobile networks every user is uniquely known and even if they attempt to hide behind "pre-paid" (pay-as-you-go) accounts under a false identity, the true identity of that given phone and its phone number, and any media consumed on it, is fully known and accurately tracked on the network. The same allows the capture of social context, not possible across internet services, only possible within a given internet service like Amazon. On mobile networks, if the operator/carrier decides to track it, all social context information can be captured.

The first four benefits were identified by telecoms and tech author Tomi Ahonen, the fifth was by telecoms and web author Tony Fish of AMF Ventures. The sixth and seventh have been identified by the marketing and tech author Alan Moore of SMLXL together with Social Analytics firm Xtract. The eighth benefit was identified by mobile industry expert Raimo van der Klein, an executive at Layar. The ninth benefit was added by the author Russell Buckley (ex Google, ex Admob)

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    Joshua Meyrowitz, U.S. educator, media critic. “The Blurring of Public and Private Behaviors,” No Sense of Place: The Impact of Electronic Media on Social Behavior, Oxford University Press (1985)

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