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Aine Yukimura (雪村 愛音, Yukimura Aine?)
Main female protagonist of the series. Aine is a shy but innocent high school girl who does not know how to hide her feelings. Her home life is rocky, her parents seem to ignore her, so she's left to her own devices mostly. Their emotional neglect hurts her and causes her to cling to Sakuya all the more. She lacks confidence in herself so she has a hard time defending and protecting herself, relying on Sakuya and feeling guilty about her inexperience and doubts. When Sakuya tells them that Aine will be living with him, they finally realize that they are loosing their daughter to a dangerous world. Sakuya eventually convinces Aine's dad that he loves her and will protect her, so they can live together. Meanwhile, Aine has to fight to find her own place within the label and prove herself over and over again. Eventually she is seen as a valuable asset to Sakuya's emotional heath and to the band, and earns her own place with her innovative concepts, as well as for her lyrics. Towards the end of the series after she's raped and with the death of Hitoshi Takayama, the band's producer and her friend, she grows up, matures, and becomes stronger. Voiced by: Atsuko Enomoto
Sakuya Ookochi (大河内 咲也, Ōkochi Sakuya?)
Main character of the series, Sakuya is the highly talented lead singer of Λucifer. He is also the youngest member of the band at the age of seventeen and still in high school. He transfers to Aine's high school to get closer to her. While he respects and trusts Yuki, the only other band member who he is close to is Atsuro. He is known for his striking blue eyes which are inherited from his American father. However, Sakuya is also rude, physical, and doesn't care about life even when he starts singing with the band Lucifer. Sakuya lived most of his young teenage life paying off his mother’s debt at the club she worked in. Like his mother, he sang and played the piano for club guests, but to make more money he also worked as a male escort prostitute on the side. He was able to do this because he appears older than his years. Because of his harsh experiences as a child, Sakuya's sense of trust was lost in people. But when he meets Aine, a high school girl, he shows a new caring and sensitive light towards others, especially to Aine. When she first starts working for them he says to himself that he is just selfishly using her, but after a while his true feelings start pouring out. ~see Sakuya's one shot and Vol. 10, Lucifer's Legend~ Voiced by: Masaya Matsukaze He makes an appearance in "Love Celeb" as Kirara's producer.
Yukifumi ("Yuki") Todo (藤堂 雪文, Todo Yukifumi?)
Yuki, guitarist and leader of the band. He's the one who steps up to management and let's them know what is in the best interest of Lucifer and his band mates. Santa's old friend (in the anime only) and one of the founders of the band, Yuki has the strongest sense of leadership and responsibility that naturally makes him the band leader. In the manga, Yuki is the actual founder of Lucifer since he scouted out Towa and Atsuro first from the band Bi-Jazz. ~see one shot on Towa and Vol. 10, Lucifer's Legend~ He is often the one who knocks sense into Sakuya (sometimes almost too literally) whenever Sakuya's primal feelings blind him to Aine’s own hurt and pain, and the exasperation he causes his band mates. Yuki is the eldest son of a famous, traditional Noh theater family, but was forced to choose between the band and his family when he tells his father he wants to quit Noh and concentrate on the band. He is subsequently disowned by his father, but a later episode of the series (anime only) reveals a friendly relationship between the two. Although he does go back to Noh theater after Lucifer officially disbands, Yuki's relationship with his parents is not mentioned in the manga after Marriage Phrase, Vol. 6. On a side note, Yuki is married to Maria and has a child. Their marriage was arranged because Maria's family was in Noh theater as well. She was in love with him but felt he treated her like a little sister. Eventually Maria found out about Lucifer and snuck out with him to watch the band practice. Yuki's tune changed when Sakuya started to come onto her. Maria supported his decision to be a guitarist in a band. However, when Yuki's father disowned him, he briefly divorced Maria because he wasn't certain he could take care of a wife at the time. He begged her to remarry him when the band signed their first contract. ~see Vol. 6 Marriage Phrase~ Voiced by: Shinichiro Miki
Yoshihiko ("Santa") Nagai (永井良彦, Nagai Yoshihiko?)
Λucifer’s drummer, Santa’s namesake comes from his birth date, which is on Christmas Day. Santa is an easy-going, but boisterous guy, who formerly played in Climb' with his girlfriend Yumi, who cheated on him and thus broke up the band. --(anime only). In the manga, Santa was originally the drummer for a heavy metal band called Shinigami. And the first time Santa met with Yuki about leaving Shinigami for Lucifer he made a pass at him. Yuki knocked him flat against the wall for thinking he was a woman. Santa agreed to a session and the rest is history in the manga. ~see Vol. 10, Lucifer's Legend~ He comes from a large family, loves ramen and beer, as well as putting his foot in his mouth at the most inappropriate times. It is through Santa that Yuki was able to meet Sakuya. ~ Other than that, his history is little known when compared to his band mates, and is the only one who remains single at the end of the series. Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai
Kazuto ("Towa") Sakuma (佐久間和斗, Sakuma Kazuto?)
Bass guitarist of Λucifer. He doesn't joke around a lot and is considered an enigma of the band. He can be quiet and secretive, although not shy. He and Atsuro are best friends and attended the same high school. They both joined the band Bi-Jazz together. Much to his dislike, Towa’s androgynous good looks make not only women but also men swoon over him. His parents wanted a girl so when he was born he was raised as a girl for the first few years of his life. Cursed with fair, wavy hair and feminine beauty (and the inability to tan), Towa’s looks blur the lines between people’s perception of his gender so much that some people ignore his natural gender and do not even consider him a man. His bain was receiving love confessions from guys in high school, which Atsuro would tease him about. Although Towa was irked by this at first, he decides to use his beauty as a shield. The only person he reveals his true self to is his childhood friend (they literally grew up together and know each other to the point that he was afraid that she would see him as a girlfriend instead of a man) and current girlfriend, Miya, Λucier’s official makeup artist. Miya, ironically, is considered tomboyish and considers herself a rather plain woman. She and Towa completely complement each other, as in each other’s eyes, Towa is fully a man as much as Miya is fully a woman. ~see Towa's one shot~ Voiced by: Susumu Chiba
Atsuro Kiryuu (桐生 敦郎, Kiryū Atsuro?)
Guitarist. As the most friendly and cheerful member of Λucifer, (in the manga he can also be as volatile as Sakuya when it comes to Yuuka) Atsuro serves as the comic relief in Kaikan Phrase. Atsuro’s long-time girlfriend, Yuuka, is actually his stepsister with whom he desperately tries to keep their relationship a secret from their parents, the media, and even his band mates. The biggest problem they face is that they are listed in the registry as siblings so there was a possibility that they might not be able to get married. Shinjo never really explains the legal complications fully even during the one shot in which Atsuro and Yuuka get married in the US without their parents blessing. Aine is the first person to find out about Atsuro and Yuuka. She tells him that she will keep their secret even though the paparazzi see him with Aine and mistakenly, as usual, announce that Atsuro is having an affair with Sakuya's girlfriend. Aine's secret about dating Sakuya has been outed for a while but the media never finds out that she's the lyricist for Lucifer. The secret causes Sakuya and Atsuro to fight until Yuuka announces to the band that she's in love with Atsuro. Eventually the band (except Sakuya) reveal that they had suspected that was the case all along. Also by the end, Atsuro and Yuuka also make a conscious decision to be together even if their parents objected and to be open about their relationship to the public. ~Vol. 6, Forbidden Phrase; Vol. 12 for outing of the relationship; and another one shot called Kinden Phrase~ Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura

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