SEM can refer to:

  • Search engine marketing, promoting websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results
  • Security event manager, a security log tool used on data networks
Economics and management
  • Single European Market (disambiguation), a single market of the European Union
  • Stock Exchange of Mauritius, the principal stock exchange of the island country of Mauritius
  • Strategic Enrollment Management, an element of planning for new growth at a university or college
Mathematics and statistics
  • Simultaneous equations models, a class of statistical models involving systems of regression equations
  • Standard error of the mean, a statistical method used in data analysis
  • Structural equation modeling, a statistical method used in data analysis
  • Craig Field (Alabama), a small airport in southern United States (IATA: SEM)
  • Sem, Ariège, France
  • Sem, Norway
Science and technology
  • Scanning electron microscope, a microscopy method using an electron beam rather than light
  • Space Experiment Module, one of the scientific experiments on the Freestar experiment that was abord space shuttle Columbia when it disintegrated
  • Synthesizer Expansion Module in an Oberheim modular synthesizer system
  • Sistema Eléctrico de Magallanes, an electrical power grid of Chile
Schools, organisations, societies
  • Swedish Evangelical Mission, an independent organisation within the Church of Sweden
  • Society for Ethnomusicology, a major international ethnomusicology association sited in Indiana
  • Science and Engineering Magnet, a school in Dallas, Texas
  • Šēm, Sēm - Shem, one of the sons of Noah, as depicted in the Bible
  • Georges Goursat, known as Sem, a French artist.
  • Super Étendard Modernisé, a fighter aircraft used by the French Navy
  • Self-evaluation maintenance theory, a psychological theory of self

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Semënovka, Azerbaijan
39.72083°N 48.07389°E / 39.72083 48.07389 Semënovka Semënovka Coordinates 39°43′15″N 48°04′26″E / 39.72083°N 48.07389°E / 39.72083 48.07389 Country Azerbaijan Rayon ...
Sistema Eléctrico De Magallanes
... The Sistema Eléctrico de Magallanes (Spanish for Electric System of Magallanes) or SEM is an alternating current power grid serving the Magallanes and Antartica ... All of the SEM's power generation is produced by combustion of fossil fuels in thermal power plants, some of the fuel comes from the oilfields in the Strait of Magellan ... SEM's power generation stands currently for about 0.8% of the national generation ...
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