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Famous quotes containing the words asia, sell and/or black:

    Incarnate devil in a talking snake,
    The central plains of Asia in his garden,
    In shaping-time the circle stung awake,
    In shapes of sin forked out the bearded apple....
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)

    Mildred Pierce: You look down on me because I work for a living, don’t you? You always have. All right, I work. I cook food and sell it and make a profit on it, which, I might point out, you’re not too proud to share with me.
    Monte Beragon: Yes, I take money from you, Mildred. But not enough to make me like kitchens or cooks. They smell of grease.
    Mildred Pierce: I don’t notice you shrinking away from a fifty- dollar bill because it smells of grease.
    Ranald MacDougall (1915–1973)

    O my black soul! Now thou art summoned
    By sickness, death’s herald, and champion;
    Thou art like a pilgrim, which abroad hath done
    John Donne (1572–1631)