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Japan Meteorological Agency - Services - Observation and Forecast - Earthquakes
... See also Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale and Earthquake Early Warning (Japan) The JMA has its own 624 observation stations across ... headquarters in Tokyo, for monitoring and tracking seismic events in the vicinity of Japan to collect and process their data, which issues observed earthquake's information on its hypocenter ...
Earthquake Early Warning (Japan) - Format of EEW Broadcasts - The Internet
... JMA magnitude of 3.5 or higher or with a seismic intensity of 3 or higher ... of the program allow for the announcement of lower-intensity earthquakes ... will announce the approximate location of the epicenter, the expected JMA seismic intensity and display a countdown of when major shaking is to be expected ...
2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake - Seismic Intensity
... seismic intensity (震度, Shindo?) represents the strength of ground motion ... Prefecture Seismic intensities Iwate 6+ 6- 5+ 5- 2 ... Miyagi 6+ 6- 5+ 5- 3 ... Akita 5+ 5- 2 ... Yamagata 5- 2 ... Fukushima 5- 1 ... Aomori 2. 1 ...
Earthquakes In Japan - Earthquake Measurement
... In Japan the shindo scale is commonly used to measure earthquakes by seismic intensity instead of magnitude ... scale used in China, meaning that the scale measures the intensity of an earthquake at a given location instead of measuring the energy an earthquake releases at its epicenter (its magnitude) as the ... Unlike other seismic intensity scales, which normally have twelve levels of intensity, shindo (震度?, seismic intensity, literally "degree of shaking") as used by the Japan ...

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