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Structure And Genome Of HIV - RNA Secondary Structure
... HIV pol-1 stem loop Predicted secondary structure of the HIV pol-1 stem loop Identifiers Symbol pol Rfam RF01418 Other data RNA type Cis-reg Several conserved secondary structure ... The 5'UTR structure consists of series of stem-loop structures connected by small linkers ... signal, the PBS, the DIS, the major SD and the ψ hairpin structure located within the 5' end of the genome and the HIV Rev response element (RRE) within the env gene ...
Rous Sarcoma Virus - Structure and Genome - RNA Secondary Structure
... A conserved secondary structure element has been identified within the 3'UTR and is known as the Rous Sarcoma Virus Stability Element (RSE) ... The secondary structure of the RSE element has been determined by RNAse digestion and SHAPE chemistry analysis ...
Bacillus Subtilis BSR S RNAs - See Also
... sRNA Caenorhabditis elegans small RNAs Escherichia coli sRNA Pseudomonas sRNA Gallery of secondary structure images BsrC Secondary structure taken from the Rfam database ... Family RF01410 BsrF Secondary structure taken from the Rfam database ... Family RF01411 BsrG Secondary structure taken from the Rfam database ...
Biomolecular Structure - Secondary Structure
... In biochemistry and structural biology, secondary structure is the general three-dimensional form of local segments of biopolymers such as proteins and nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) ... space, which are considered to be tertiary structure ... Secondary structure is formally defined by the hydrogen bonds of the biopolymer, as observed in an atomic-resolution structure ...
Conformational Isomerism - Protein Rotamer Libraries
... in which case the central position and its frequency is most important, and also in structure validation, in which case the outer edges of the distribution are critical for ... derived from statistical analysis of side-chain conformations in known structures of proteins by clustering observed conformations or by dividing dihedral angle space into bins, and determining an average ... Rotamer libraries can be backbone-independent, secondary-structure-dependent, or backbone-dependent ...

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