Seawater Greenhouse

A seawater greenhouse is a greenhouse structure that enables the growth of crops in arid regions, using seawater and solar energy. The technique involves pumping seawater (or allowing it to gravitate if below sea level) to an arid location and then subjecting it to two processes: first, it is used to humidify and cool the air, and second, it is evaporated by solar heating and distilled to produce fresh water. Finally, the remaining humidified air is expelled from the greenhouse and used to improve growing conditions for outdoor plants. The technology was introduced by British inventor Charlie Paton in the early 1990s and is being developed by his UK company Seawater Greenhouse Ltd. The more concentrated salt water may either be further evaporated for the production of salt and other elements, or discharged back to the sea. The seawater greenhouse is a response to the global water crisis and peak water.

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Seawater Greenhouse - Sahara Forest Project
... This proposal combines the seawater greenhouse concept with concentrating solar power (CSP) ... Forest Project was composed of experts from Seawater Greenhouse Ltd, Exploration Architecture, Max Fordham Consulting Engineers and the Bellona Foundation ... The scale of the proposed scheme is such that very large quantities of seawater would be evaporated ...
Seawater Greenhouse - Process
... A seawater greenhouse uses the sun, the sea and the atmosphere to produce fresh water and cool air ... The front wall of the building is a seawater evaporator ... Seawater trickles down over the lattice, cooling and humidifying the air passing through into the planting area ...
Seawater Greenhouse - History
... The seawater greenhouse concept was first researched and developed in 1991 by Charlie Paton's company Light Works Ltd, now Seawater Greenhouse Ltd ... A prototype seawater greenhouse was assembled in the UK and constructed on the site in Tenerife ... The design was first tested and validated through a second seawater greenhouse that was constructed on Al-Aryam Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 2000 ...

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