Search Warrant

A search warrant is a court order issued by a magistrate, judge or Supreme Court official that authorizes law enforcement officers to conduct a search of a person, location, or vehicle for evidence of a crime and to confiscate evidence if it is found. A search warrant cannot be issued in aid of civil process.

Jurisdictions that respect the rule of law and a right to privacy put constraints on the powers of police investigators, and typically require search warrants, or an equivalent procedure, for searches conducted as part of a criminal investigation. An exception is usually made for "hot pursuit": if a criminal flees the scene of a crime and the police officer follows him, the officer has the right to enter a property in which the criminal has sought shelter. Conversely, in authoritarian regimes, the police typically have the right to search property and people without having to provide justification, or without having to secure the permission of a court.

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Basil Parasiris - Execution of Search Warrant
... On March 2, 2007, Laval police executed a search warrant at Basil Parasiris's home on a quiet Brossard street on Montreal's south shore ... The warrant, authorized by Gaby Dumas, a justice of the peace, gave Laval police the green light to use a dynamic entry – meant to surprise the person being investigated – to carry out their search ... The warrant was executed before dawn and with dynamic (forced) entry ...
Search Warrant - United States - Exceptions
... In certain cases a search warrant is not required, such as where consent is given by a person in control of the object or property to be searched ... others) imminent destruction of evidence before a warrant can be properly obtained emergency searches (such as where someone is heard screaming for help inside a ... that the person is being arrested for.) If the subject is arrested in a home, police may search the room in which they were arrested, and conduct a "protective sweep" of the ...
Motor Vehicle Exception - Description
... The motor vehicle exception allows an officer to search a vehicle without a search warrant as long as he or she has probable cause to believe that evidence or contraband is located in the ... cause exists to believe it contains contraband, the Fourth Amendment thus permits police to search the vehicle without more.” The scope of the search ... exception in addition to allowing officers to search the vehicle also allows officers to search any containers found inside the vehicle that could ...
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... from the bombings and Kaczynski’s life, that analysis provided the basis for a search warrant ... the nearly two months before the federal search warrant was served on Theodore Kaczynski's cabin ... The FBI scrambled to finish the search warrant and have it issued by a federal judge in Montana afterwards, an internal leak investigation was conducted by the FBI ...
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... A sneak and peek search warrant (also called a covert entry search warrant or a surreptitious entry search warrant) is a search warrant authorizing the law ... Sneak and peek warrants are especially beneficial to illegal drug manufacturing investigations because they allow investigative teams to search the premises for chemicals and drug paraphernalia so ...

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