Sea Urchins

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Marine Life Of The Canary Islands - Sea Urchins
... invertebrate in Canary Island waters, the Lime Urchin is, ecologically, a very not important herbivore ... this "ecological emergency", widespread culling of sea urchins has been advocated in some areas ...
Spawn (biology) - Examples - Echinoderms
... Sea urchins Sea urchins are spiky echinoderms with spherical bodies which usually contain five gonads ... They move slowly, feed mostly on seaweed, and are important for the diet of sea otters ... Sea urchins are dioecious, having separate male and female sexes, although there is generally no easy way to distinguish the two ...
Ecological Extinction - Examples
... (1978) evaluated the potential role of the sea otter as the keystone predator in near-shore kelp forests ... the Rat and Near islands in the Aleutian islands to test if “sea otter predation controls epibenthic invertebrate populations (specifically sea urchins), and ... size structures and densities of sea urchins were correlated with the presence of sea otter populations, and because they are the principal prey of this keystone predator, the sea otters were most likely the main ...
Fast Block of Polyspermy
... particularly well characterized in the sea urchin, which responds to the acceptance of one sperm by inhibiting the successful penetration of the egg ... The prevention of polyspermy in sea urchins depends on a change in the electrical charge across the surface of the egg, which is caused by the fusion of the first sperm ... Unfertilized sea urchin eggs have a negative charge inside, but the charge becomes positive upon fertilization ...
Octomania - Characters
... Her diamond effect is Urchin Vanish!, which changes all octopi and sea urchins on her grills into the same color ... effect is Angelic Lazy Eye, which showers three times the amount of sea urchins present on her screen onto her opponent's ... is Mysterious Dragon Breath, which changes all the octopi on the opponent's grills into sea urchins ...

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