• (noun): Moving over territory to search for something.
    Example: "Scouring the entire area revealed nothing"
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Textile Engineering - Processing of Cotton - Finishing- Processing of Textiles
... Scouring Scouring, is a chemical washing process carried out on cotton fabric to remove natural wax and non-fibrous impurities (e.g ... Scouring is usually carried in iron vessels called kiers ... If the appropriate reagents are used, scouring will also remove size from the fabric although desizing often precedes scouring and is considered to be a separate process known as fabric preparation ...
Vim (cleaning Product) - History
... Vim scouring powder, one of the first products created by William Lever, first appeared on the market in 1904, an offshoot of Monkey Brand scouring soap ... The name Vim remained solely associated with the scouring powder until 1993 when a range of associated products were released ...
Sheep Wool - Processing - Scouring
... Scouring may be as simple as a bath in warm water, or as complicated as an industrial process using detergent and alkali, and specialized equipment ...
Textile Bleaching - Scouring
... Scouring is the first process carried out with or without chemicals, at room temperature or at suitable higher temperatures with the addition of suitable wetting agents, alkali and so on ... Scouring removes all the waxes, pectins and makes the textile material hydrophilic or water absorbent ... See also scouring wool ...
List Of Fire Emblem: Fūin No Tsurugi Characters - Non-playable Characters - Jahn
... Jahn (fan translation Yahn) fought in the Scouring and had been nursing his wounds in a temple when Zephiel undid the seal on the temple ... the player fights to reach him in the temple, he tells Roy his story and what happened in the Scouring ... During the Scouring, dragons were blamed for the elemental imbalances in the world ...

More definitions of "scouring":

  • (noun): The act of cleaning a surface by rubbing it with a brush and soap and water.
    Synonyms: scrub, scrubbing

Famous quotes containing the word scouring:

    The will to domination is a ravenous beast. There are never enough warm bodies to satiate its monstrous hunger. Once alive, this beast grows and grows, feeding on all the life around it, scouring the earth to find new sources of nourishment. This beast lives in each man who battens on female servitude.
    Andrea Dworkin (b. 1946)