Scott Bernard

Scott Bernard (Known as Stick Bernard in Genesis Climber Mospeada) is a fictional character from the third Robotech Series: The New Generation. He is a young man, who is somewhat reluctant but a leader at best. He is a skilled pilot and was set to marry the woman he loved Marlene Rush. However, Marlene is killed in the battle with the Invid. Scott has a holographic medallion she gave him as a token of her love and he uses it to give him strength to continue the fight against the Invid.

Scott Bernard is voiced by Gregory Snegoff, who also provided the voices of Khyron and Dr. Emil Lang.

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List Of Robotech Characters - The Shadow Chronicles - Marlene Rush
... Marlene Rush was Scott Bernard's girlfriend and he proposed to her before he went into battle ... Scott Bernard, who manages to land his veritech fighter on Earth, is devastated and is haunted by visions of Marlene ... Before Marlene died, she gave a gift to Scott, a pendent that is able to show a hologram of herself, which Scott keeps with him as he joins a resistance movement ...
First Robotech War - Fourth Robotech War
... to warn the REF about the new threat that is about to manifest itself but her and Scott Bernard's warning are not heeded ... Bernard is interrogated and despite his insistence that Ariel is a friend and is trying to warn of an impending disaster, Captain Vince Grant and General Reinhardt, and most of the REF ... By the time the Icarus with Vince Grant, Louie Nichols, Janice Em, Scott Bernard and Ariel arrives on the scene, 89% of the REF forces at Liberty have been destroyed ...
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... Scott is a Lieutenant Commander of the 21st Squadron Mars division. ...

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