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San Antonio District, San Martín
... San Antonio District is one of fourteen districts of the province San Martín in Peru ...
Regiment Of Mounted Grenadiers - The Original Mounted Grenadiers of 1812-1826 - Summary of The Regimental Code of Honor
... The Regiment's lead as a example way of life was what San Martin envisioned for the Horse Grenadiers, a example led by living accordingly and by being good ... San Martin started in his unit, and the extremeness and rigorousness of military and physical instruction, he wrote his Guide for good habits from the officers as the honor code for the regiment's NCO's ... held but not with NCOs' Use words that can preserve the unity of the unit San Martin added his own words to the code as a summary, and it states that What my Grenadiers are capable of doing, only I know ...
List Of Planets In The Honorverse - S
... San Martin Located in the Trevor's Star System, San Martin is the heaviest-gravity planet settled by humans, at about 2.7 times the gravity of Earth ... For this reason, virtually all the people of San Martin, known as "San Martinos", descend from colonists who had been genetically engineered to survive the high ... had been restricted to mountain peaks, plateaus, and alpine valleys of which San Martin has a great many ...
Regiment Of Mounted Grenadiers - The Original Mounted Grenadiers of 1812-1826 - Baptism of Fire: The Battle of San Lorenzo (February 2, 1813)
... Main article Battle of San Lorenzo for the full account Feb ... the Argentine War of Independence led by San Martin in the country ... national government the Regiment proceeded to the town of San Lorenzo in Santa Fe to stop an advance landing party of 250 Spanish troops from marching to the ...
San Martín, Buenos Aires - Images
... Monument to General José de San Martín Belgrano Street Cathedral San Martín Plaza Belgrano Street - commercial area ...

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