Sacramental Union

Sacramental union (Latin, unio sacramentalis; Luther's German, Sacramentliche Einigkeit; German, sakramentalische Vereinigung) is the Lutheran theological doctrine of the Real Presence of the body and blood of Christ in the Christian Eucharist.

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... Presence Transubstantiation Transignification Sacramental Union Memorialism Consubstantiation Impanation Consecration Words of Institution Anglican Eucharistic theology Eucharist (Catholic Church) Eucharist (Lutheran ... about the meaning of the Eucharist than would appear from the confessional debates over the sacramental presence, the effects of the Eucharist, and the proper auspices under which it may be celebrated ... to a celebration involving no food other than the sacramental bread and wine ...
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... Two Kingdoms Priesthood of all believers Divine Providence Marian theology Theology of the Cross Sacramental Union Sacraments Rites Baptism Eucharist Confession ... not assert a "local" (three dimensional, circumscribed) presence of the body and blood in the sacramental bread and wine respectively, which is ... has been associated with such a "local" inclusion of the Body and Blood of Christ in the sacramental bread and wine as has the term "impanation." Lutherans ...
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... "Sacramental union" is also used ... the Lutheran view from the Reformed view on this sacrament since the term "sacramental union" is also used in some Reformed confessions ... in the allied but metaphysically different doctrines of consubstantiation and sacramental union ...
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... The Lutheran doctrine of the Real Presence is more accurately and formally known as "the Sacramental Union." It has been inaccurately called "consubstantiation." This ...

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