Russo is an Italian surname meaning red-haired. Another variant is Rossi (Central and Northern Italy). It is derived from the nickname "rosso", meaning red, whereas "russo" also means "Russian" or relating to Russia or Russians.

  • Aaron Russo, libertarian entertainment businessman
  • Alecu Russo
  • Alexander Russo
  • Ana Bedran-Russo
  • Anthony Russo, including:
    • Anthony Russo (American football), American football wide receiver
    • Anthony Russo (director), Emmy Award-winning film and television director
    • Anthony Russo (mobster) (1916–1979), Genovese crime family figure
    • Anthony Russo (mayor), the 35th mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey
    • Anthony Russo (whistleblower) (1936–2008), involved in the Pentagon Papers leak
  • Carmen Russo
  • Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo, American sports radio host
  • Clemente Russo, Italian Boxer
  • Dario Russo, Canadian/Italian footballer
  • David C. Russo
  • Deanna Russo
  • Eddie Russo
  • Erminia Russo, Canadian volleyball player
  • Ferdinando Russo
  • Gianni Russo
  • Gina Russo
  • Giuseppe Genco Russo
  • Jack Russo
  • James Russo
  • Jason Russo
  • Joe Russo, including:
    • Joe Russo (director), an Emmy Award-winning film and television director
    • Joe Russo (driver) (1901–1934), an American racecar driver active in the 1930s
    • Joe Russo (musician) (b. 1976), a jazz/rock and roll drummer
  • John A. Russo
  • Kevin Russo
  • Margaret Russo (1931–2006), All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
  • Marisabina Russo
  • Marcella Russo
  • Marius Russo
  • Michael Dello-Russo
  • Miguel Ángel Russo
  • Monette Russo
  • Pat Russo
  • Patricia Russo
  • Patti Russo
  • Paul Russo
  • Renato Russo
  • Rene Russo, actress
  • Richard Russo, American novelist
  • Richard Paul Russo, science fiction writer
  • Rosa Russo Iervolino
  • Tal Russo, Israeli general
  • Vince Russo
  • Vito Russo
  • William Russo (musician)

Fictional Characters:

  • Alex Russo,Jerry and Teresa Russo's second child in Wizards of Waverly Place
  • Justin Russo,Jerry and Teresa Russo's first child in Wizards of Waverly Place
  • Max Russo,Jerry and Teresa Russo's third and last child in Wizards of Waverly Place


  • Russo, Switzerland

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