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Pluperfect Progressive - Expressions of Wish
... Particular rules apply to the tenses and verb forms used after the verb wish and certain other expressions with similar meaning ... past tense for desired state at the time of wishing) The same rules apply after the expression if only If only he knew French! If only I had looked in the bedroom! If only they would stop ... After the verb hope the above rules do not apply instead the logically expected tense is used, except that often the present tense is used with future meaning I hope you get ...
Sorry! (game) - Variations
... Starting player selection is decided by normal play rules ... Normal rules apply ... playing a 2 card does not warrant the reshuffle rule, however if able to play another, he must ...

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    Different rules apply when it gets this late. You know what I mean? It’s, like, after hours.
    Joseph Minion, U.S. screenwriter, and Martin Scorsese. Peter (Rocco Sisto)