Rugby Union in Cornwall - Cornish Players To Have Toured With The British and Irish Lions

Cornish Players To Have Toured With The British and Irish Lions

  • Edward Jackett (Australia and New Zealand 1908)
  • J. Davey (Australia and New Zealand 1908)
  • F.S. Jackson (Australia and New Zealand 1908)
  • B.B. Bennetts (Argentina 1910/11)
  • R. Jennings (Australia and New Zealand 1930)
  • V.G. Roberts (Australia and New Zealand 1950)
  • M.C. Thomas (Australia and New Zealand 1950 & 1959)
  • R.A.W.Sharp (South Africa 1962)
  • C.B.Stevens (Australia and New Zealand 1971)
  • A. Reed (New Zealand 1993)
  • P. Vickery (Australia 2001, South Africa 2009)

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