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The Canadian Crown And The Canadian Forces - History - A New Queen and Canadian Forces Unification
... War Intervention in Libya Lists Conflicts · Operations · Victories Peacekeeping · Bibliography Canadian Forces portal In a time of austerity following the Second World War, the Coronation Contingent was ... but the post-war period saw major shifts in the structure of the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army, and Royal Canadian Air Force ... By 1968, the unification of all three elements into the unified Canadian Forces took effect at the recommendation of then Defence Minister Paul Hellyer, over the protests of many senior generals ...
Canadian Veteran Licence Plates - Eligibility
... plates are available to those who served in wartime as a member of Canadian Forces, the Commonwealth of Nations, or its wartime allies for at least three ... peacekeeping missions as members of the Canadian Forces or United Nations forces, or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are also eligible ... They need to provide a Canadian Forces Certificate of Service and a Canadian Forces Identification Card as proof of service ...
SS Princess Helene
... SS Princess Helene was a historic Canadian passenger and freight ferry operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) ... Crew uniforms were modeled on the Royal Canadian Navy and each time she passed the DAR's Digby Pines Hotel, bellboys would dip the hotel's flag and salute ... of service, including precarious crossings during World War II where she was often escorted by Royal Canadian Navy warships and Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft ...
Canadian Soldiers - History - Since Unification
... See also Unification of the Canadian Forces The current iteration of the Canadian Forces dates from 1 February 1968, when the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army ... Thereafter, a distinctly Canadian army and navy was established, followed by an air force, that, because of the constitutional arrangements at the time, remained ... After the 1980s, the use of Canadian Armed Forces gave way to Canadian Forces ...
Charles Francis Constantine - Career
... a soldier’s soldier, Constantine spent his life in the army from the time he joined the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (or RCHA) in 1905, until he retired in 1943 ... Ridge in 1917 and placed in command of the Fifth Canadian Field Brigade ... of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery ...

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    We’re definite in Nova Scotia—’bout things like ships ... and fish, the best in the world.
    John Rhodes Sturdy, Canadian screenwriter. Richard Rossen. Joyce Cartwright (Ella Raines)

    Farewell the neighing steed and the shrill trump,
    The spirit-stirring drum, th’ ear-piercing fife,
    The royal banner and all quality,
    Pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war!
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)