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Field-oriented Control - Technical Overview
... or rotations back and forth between the three-phase speed and time dependent system and these vectors' rotating reference-frame two-coordinate time invariant system ... While (d,q) coordinate system rotation can arbitrarily be set to any speed, there are three preferred speeds or reference frames Stationary reference frame where (d,q) coordinate system does not rotate Synchronously ... economical control of AC motors in variable speed application has required development of microprocessor-based controls with all AC drives now using powerful DSP (digital ...
Carter PAV - Operation
... on the ground, the engine powers up the flat pitch rotor to 370 RPM, and the engine is then disengaged from the rotor ... The engine accelerates the rotor in no-lift pitch until the rotor speed required for flight is achieved ... The engine is then declutched from the rotor and it has maximum power for the propeller ...
Tip Speed Ratio - Cp - λ Curves - The Case For Variable Speed Wind Turbines
... Originally, wind turbines were fixed speed ... This has the benefit that the rotor speed in the generator is constant, thus the frequency of the AC Voltage is fixed ... we can see that the power co-efficient is a function of the tip-speed ratio ...

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