Rote can refer to:

  • Crwth, a Welsh instrument
  • Rote learning
  • Rote Island, an island in Indonesia
  • Return on tangible equity, an economic concept
  • Tobin Rote (born 1928), American football player
  • Kyle Rote (1928–2002), American football player and father of:
  • Kyle Rote, Jr. (born 1950), American soccer player
  • Jason Butler Rote, American TV writer
  • Ryan Rote (born 1982), baseball pitcher

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Kyle Rote
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Birote - Etymology
... These eventually evolved to become Bi+rote or bee+rote ... Another explanation is that Birote is a combination of bee (twenty) and rote(bread) ...

Famous quotes containing the word rote:

    I’m not making light of prayers here, but of so-called school prayer, which bears as much resemblance to real spiritual experience as that freeze-dried astronaut food bears to a nice standing rib roast. From what I remember of praying in school, it was almost an insult to God, a rote exercise in moving your mouth while daydreaming or checking out the cutest boy in the seventh grade that was a far, far cry from soul-searching.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)