Rotational Symmetry

Generally speaking, an object with rotational symmetry is an object that looks the same after a certain amount of rotation. An object may have more than one rotational symmetry; for instance, if reflections or turning it over are not counted, the triskelion appearing on the Isle of Man's flag (see opposite) has three rotational symmetries (or "a threefold rotational symmetry"). More examples may be seen below. The degree of rotational symmetry is how many degrees the shape has to be turned to look the same on a different side or vertex. It can not be the same side or vertex.

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In History, Religion, and Culture - Symmetry in Pottery and Metal Vessels
... uses of pottery wheels to help shape clay vessels, pottery has had a strong relationship to symmetry ... pottery created using a wheel necessarily begins with full rotational symmetry in its cross-section, while allowing substantial freedom of shape in the ... tend to exploit or in many cases reduce the original full rotational symmetry to a point where some specific visual objective is achieved ...
Cyclic Symmetries
... series of point groups in three dimensions (n≥1) with n-fold rotational symmetry about one axis (rotation by an angle of 360°/n does not change the object), and no other rotational symmetry (n=1 ... Cnv (*nn) of order 2n - pyramidal symmetry (abstract group Dn) in biology C2v is called biradial symmetry ... we have S2 (1×), also denoted by Ci this is inversion symmetry They are the finite symmetry groups on a cone ...
Formal Treatment - Rotational Symmetry With Translational Symmetry
2-fold rotational symmetry together with single translational symmetry is one of the Frieze groups ... Together with double translational symmetry the rotation groups are the following wallpaper groups, with axes per primitive cell p2 (2222) 4×2-fold rotation group of a parallelogrammic, rectangular, and ... of any lattice (every lattice is upside-down the same, but that does not apply for this symmetry) it is e.g ...
Special Relativity - Geometry of Space-time - Comparison Between Flat Euclidean Space and Minkowski Space
... suggests a deep theoretical insight special relativity is simply a rotational symmetry of our space-time, analogous to the rotational symmetry of Euclidean space (see image right) ... relativity can be derived from this rotational symmetry (the Poincaré group) of Minkowski space-time ...
Crystallographic Restriction Theorem - Higher Dimensions
... For example, the hypercubic lattice has an eightfold rotational symmetry, corresponding to an eightfold rotational symmetry of the hypercube ... a 3D quasicrystal with 8-fold rotation symmetry might be described as the projection of a slab cut from a 4D lattice ... matrix is the aforementioned eightfold symmetry of the hypercube (and the cross-polytope) Transforming this matrix to the new coordinates given by will produce This third matrix then corresponds to a ...

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    What makes a regiment of soldiers a more noble object of view than the same mass of mob? Their arms, their dresses, their banners, and the art and artificial symmetry of their position and movements.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)