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  • Al Rosen (born 1924), American All Star and MVP baseball player
  • Al Rosen (actor) (1910–1990), American actor in Cheers
  • Albert Rosen (1924–1997), conductor
  • Andrea Rosen (born 1974), American comedian and actress
  • Andy Rosen (also known as Goat), musician
  • Beatrice Rosen, a French actress
  • Carl Gustaf von Rosen (1909–77), Swedish pioneer aviator
  • Charles Rosen (born 1927), American pianist and author
  • Charles Rosen (scientist) (1917–2002), Canadian artificial intelligence researcher
  • Charley Rosen (born 1941), American basketball coach and sports writer
  • Daniel Rosen, comedian and announcer
  • David Rosen (disambiguation) (disambiguation page):
    • David Rosen (business) (born 1934), chief executive officer of SEGA
    • David Rosen (politics), fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in 2000
    • David Rosen (rabbi) (born 1951), former Chief Rabbi of Ireland
  • Eliyahu Chaim Rosen (1899–1984), Polish-born rabbi in the Ukraine
  • Elsa-Marianne von Rosen (born 1924), Swedish dancer, choreographer, teacher, and ballet director
  • Eric Rosen (born 1953), Kansas Supreme Court Justice
  • Fred Rosen (physician) (1930–2005), American medical researcher
  • Friedrich Rosen (1856–1935), German Orientalist, diplomat and politician
  • Gerald Ellis Rosen (born 1951), American judge
  • Goody Rosen (1912–94), Canadian All Star major league baseball player
  • Harold Rosen (electrical engineer) (born 1926), American electrical engineer
  • Harry Rosen (born 1931), Canadian businessman
  • Harvey Rosen, Canadian mayor
  • Herb Rosen, founder of Skippers Seafood & Chowder House
  • Herb Rosen (swing dancer), 1991 inductee into the Swing Dance Hall of Fame
  • Hilary Rosen (born 1958), former chief executive of the RIAA
  • Jack Rosen (born c1949), chairman of the American Jewish Congress
  • James Rosen (1909–1972), United States federal judge
  • Jay Rosen (born 1956), American journalism professor
  • Jeffrey Rosen, American academic and commentator on legal affairs
  • Jelka Rosen (1868–1935), Serbian painter
  • Larry Rosen (executive), Canadian retail chief executive officer
  • Lawrence Rosen (anthropologist) anthropologist
  • Lawrence Rosen (attorney), American attorney and computer specialist
  • Leo Rosen, American cryptoanalyst
  • Louis Rosen (1918–2009), nuclear physicist
  • Magnus Rosén (born 1963), Swedish musician
  • Marion Rosen, founder of Rosen Method Bodywork
  • Mel Rosen (born 1928), American track coach
  • Martin Rosen (director), British film director
  • Michael Rosen (born 1946), UK journalist and writer
  • Michel de Rosen (born 1951), U.S. businessman
  • Moishe Rosen (1932–2010), founder of Jews for Jesus
  • Moses Rosen (1912–1994), Chief Rabbi of Romania
  • Nancy Rosen, U.S. sculptor
  • Nathan Rosen (1909–1995), Israeli physicist
  • Nir Rosen (born 1977), American journalist and chronicler of the Iraq War
  • Paul Rosen (born 1960), Canadian sledge hockey goalie and motivational speaker
  • Phil Rosen (1888–1951), American film director and cinematographer
  • Pinchas Rosen (1887–1978), Israeli founder, statesman and lawyer
  • Rich Rosen (born 1956), software developer
  • Robert Rosén (born 1987), Swedish ice hockey player
  • Robert Rosen (1934–1998), American theoretical biologist
  • Robert Rosen (writer) (born 1952), American writer
  • Roman Rosen (1849–1921), Russian diplomat
  • Sam Rosen (comics) (died 1992), comic book author
  • Sam Rosen (sportscaster) (born 1948), U.S. sportscaster
  • Shabtai Rosenne (1917–2010), UK-born Israeli professor and diplomat
  • Shlomo Rosen (1905–1985), Israeli politician and minister
  • Sherwin Rosen (1938–2001), American labor economist
  • Shlomo Sorin Rosen (ro:Shlomo Sorin Rosen), Prime Rabbi of Romania
  • Stanley Rosen (born 1929), American philosopher
  • Stephen Rosen (disambiguation) or Steven Rosen, several people
  • Zack Rosen, American basketball player

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