Roll Film

Rollfilm or roll film is any type of spool-wound photographic film protected from white light exposure by a paper backing, as opposed to film which is protected from exposure and wound forward in a cartridge. Confusingly, roll film was originally often referred to as "cartridge" film because of its resemblance to a shotgun cartridge. The opaque backing paper allows roll film to be loaded in daylight. It is typically printed with frame number markings which can be viewed through a small red window at the rear of the camera. A spool of roll film is usually loaded on one side of the camera and pulled across to an identical take up spool on the other side of the shutter as exposures are made. When the roll is fully exposed, the take up spool is removed for processing and the empty spool on which the film was originally wound is moved to the other side, becoming the take up spool for the next roll of film.

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... They use a 5.25"x20 to 5.25"x200 foot Roll Film, with an image size of 4x5 inches ... An interesting feature is the use of a vacuum to keep the film flat ... some of which used individual glass plates, some individual sheet film, and some roll film ...
Roll Film - History
... a farmer in Cambria, Wisconsin, Peter Houston, invented the first roll film camera ... Wisconsin, invented the first holders for flexible roll film ... He was issued an 1881 patent for a roll film holder which he licensed to George Eastman (it was used in Eastman's Kodak 1888 box camera) ...
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... These cameras took Polaroid Picture Roll Land film, which was discontinued in 1992 ... Some of these cameras can be converted to take pack film, but others cannot ...
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... Flat film The simplest microfilm camera that is still in use is a rail mounted structure at the top of which is a bellows camera for 105 x 148 mm film ... In a darkroom a single film may be inserted into a dark slide or the camera may be fitted with a roll film holder which after an exposure advances the film into a box ... Roll film For engineering drawings a freestanding open steel structure is often provided ...
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... partnership was dissolved and the Eastman Dry Plate and Film Company formed with 14 shareowners. 1885 George Eastman invented roll film, the basis for the invention of motion picture film, as used by early filmmakers and Thomas Edison ... inches) in diameter, was of the fixed focus type, and carried a roll of film enough for 100 exposures ...

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