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List Of Games Containing Time Travel - Role-playing Games
... GURPS Time Travel Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game Rifts Robotech Transdimensional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989) Tempus - Time Travel MUD Where in Time is Carmen ...
Star Trek (disambiguation) - Star Trek Franchise - Games
... Star Trek (text game), a text-based computer game from the late 1970s Star Trek (1979 pinball), a pinball game developed by Bally Star Trek The Role Playing Game, a 1982 role-playing game by FASA Corporation ...
Aelyria - Role Playing Game
... In Aelyria, players assume the roles of heroes and villains by posting stories about their characters over online message forums and bulletin boards ... According to its users, both the original game world and ongoing epic storyline have been continuously developed since Aelyria's inception in the Summer of 1989 ...
TSR, Inc. - History - TSR Hobbies, Inc.
... TSR Hobbies, Inc Industry Role-playing game publisher Fate split up Successor(s) TSR, Inc ... TSR Hobbies was created as a separate division to market miniatures and games from several companies, an enterprise which was also connected to the opening of the Dungeon hobby shop in Lake Geneva ... Empire of the Petal Throne became the first game product published by TSR Hobbies, followed by two supplements to D D, Greyhawk and Blackmoor ...
Alpha Centauri In Fiction - Games
... 2300 AD (1986), role-playing game designed by the Game Designers' Workshop ... Civilization (1991), video strategy game developed by MicroProse and designed by Sid Meier and Bruce Shelley ... and Frontier First Encounters (1995), computer games written by David Braben et al ...

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    Playing games with agreed upon rules helps children learn to live by rules, establish the delicate balance between competition and cooperation, between fair play and justice and exploitation and abuse of these for personal gain. It helps them learn to manage the warmth of winning and the hurt of losing; it helps them to believe that there will be another chance to win the next time.
    James P. Comer (20th century)

    The family environment in which your children are growing up is different from that in which you grew up. The decisions our parents made and the strategies they used were developed in a different context from what we face today, even if the “content” of the problem is the same. It is a mistake to think that our own experience as children and adolescents will give us all we need to help our children. The rules of the game have changed.
    Lawrence Kutner (20th century)

    Recent studies that have investigated maternal satisfaction have found this to be a better prediction of mother-child interaction than work status alone. More important for the overall quality of interaction with their children than simply whether the mother works or not, these studies suggest, is how satisfied the mother is with her role as worker or homemaker. Satisfied women are consistently more warm, involved, playful, stimulating and effective with their children than unsatisfied women.
    Alison Clarke-Stewart (20th century)

    What does headquarters think these guys came over here for, a sewing circle? They go up playing for keeps. Cops and robbers with rocks in the snowballs. Brass knuckles and lead pipes and a roughneck conviction they can lick any man in the world.
    Dalton Trumbo (1905–1976)